Smart Home Control App

The app lets you to put your entire home or office under the control of your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Switch on/off lights or operate other domestic appliances in home from anywhere around the world.

You can also configure scenes, and all home appliances (Air-con, lightings, dimmers, TV, music system, curtains etc.) with just a single tap.

No iPhone accessory (hardware) is required!

  • TCP/IP communication with smart home control hardware.
  • Hex Command Configuration for each device/combination of devices from within the app.
  • Auto syncs configuration on another device through the same user account. 

Y.C. Koh - JDO Labs, Singapore

Radorbit is a professional iOS development company, who delivered beyond expectations. Although, there were some miscommunications concerning the project specs on our part, they worked hard with us and in the end made the project a successful one. I highly rate them!